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At Sanctuary Point Public School we are committed to sustaining a positive, caring and inclusive school culture where students and staff work in a supportive quality learning and teaching environment. We are an innovative school community that supports the idea of lifelong learning. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and the wider community. We were the first school in the area to sign a historic agreement with the Bay and Basin Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. We are committed to cooperating and working towards building a greater understanding of the needs of our Aboriginal students and their community.

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BYOD 2014

In 2014 your child/children can bring their own learning device (Apple - Android) to school to enhance and support their learning.

Apple devices will work will all apps online - Android needs an app called Drony to assist with Proxy settings. The IT Manager and Technology assistants will help with this.

Ask your teacher or the office for a contract - OR print one yourself - Page 3 of the Policy

This is not a compulsory requirement. Your child will not be disadvantaged if you choose to not send a device to school.  We have other technology that your child can access at times.  The main goal of the BYOD initiative is that learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime with a 1:1 device and it will enhance their learning opportunities and experiences.

Click here for an overview of our policy

Guidelines for BYOD:
  • The device is the responsibility of the student.
  • Security measures for safe storage are provided, but  ultimately the device is the responsibility of the student.
  • The device is covered by the owner’s insurance.
  • The school can not be held responsible for loss or damage to the device.
  • The purpose of the device is to support the student’s learning.
  • The device is used at the class teacher’s discretion and with the class teacher’s knowledge.
  • The school may not be able to support any technical issues and/or upgrades of the equipment/device.
  • Conditions of the school’s Internet Use Agreement with students apply.
  • The internet will only be accessed via the school wifi.  No 3G access.
  • No software downloads or updates will be carried out at school on student devices.



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